Pretty delighted Pineapples in the Pool is currently ranked #74 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Poetry & Drama > Poetry > Women  before it's even gone on sale.

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The thing with publishing…

... is that it takes time. So much time. There are countless people inolved behind the scenes - each with their own workload, availablity, deadlines. Which means there are long periods of time where it feels as though nothing is happening. But things are happening. Although it seems slow and although I am impatient, my book is... Continue Reading →

I mean, I don't know how it's been four months since my last post. I am very neglectful of this poor website. It's not without reason... Pineapples in the Pool has been going great guns, we hit target in December (WHAT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT) so I had a book to deliver and now I'm delighted... Continue Reading →


I know it feels as though the moon has dropped out of the sky and the ground you trusted to stay solid has thrown you to the dark and what can only be described as the chaos of a burning wasps nest but it is impossible to believe that you are not made of silver... Continue Reading →

Pineapples in the Pool

Well it's been a while since I last posted, sorry. Actually I'm not sorry at all, because since I last posted I ONLY WENT AND GOT A PUBLISHING DEAL! Ooooh yeah! I am massively delighted that my poetry collection Pineapples in the Pool is being published by Unbound and is available for crowdfunding here: Obviously... Continue Reading →

A Valentine’s Day Thread

It's Valentine's Day and I have spent most of the day sending ridiculous pictures and messages to the people I love. The more unsettling or disgusting or overly sentimental the better. It is my favourite thing to do on Valentine's Day, to send these messages to the people I love to make them laugh. I read... Continue Reading →

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