A Rolling Affair

This morning I woke up with a feeling of excitement and apprehension, because today is the day that I make my debut as a Non-Skating Official for Perth Roller Derby. It's been a long time coming this love affair I have with Roller Derby, I've watched it from afar, I signed up to get email... Continue Reading →

Today I Had a Job Interview

I have been out of work now for nearly three months, longer than ever before, including when I moved back to the UK in the middle of a recession. From what I hear from recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers it is a tough market out there with 100-200 people applying for the same roles... Continue Reading →

Things I Love

This morning I have woken up a little bit down in the dumps. There really isn't much reason for it, no more than the thought of another week's unemployment stretching in front of me and the fact that I have inexplicably itchy eyes. In order to tell myself to harden the fuck up & get... Continue Reading →

The Art of Body Image

Tonight I had the opportunity to go to an experimental Burlesque night; a girlfriend & I kept missing each other so when she suggested I attended tonight I jumped at the chance.  What could be a better excuse than a ladies night, with, well, ladies?! I am by no means a Burlesque virgin; I have... Continue Reading →

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