Things I Love

This morning I have woken up a little bit down in the dumps. There really isn’t much reason for it, no more than the thought of another week’s unemployment stretching in front of me and the fact that I have inexplicably itchy eyes. In order to tell myself to harden the fuck up & get a grip, I am going to list some of my favourite things, as inspired by a recent post on Mamamia which I now (annoyingly) can’t find. These are not including things I obviously love, like The Fella, my friends & family, because I think that goes without saying. These are other, silly things that bring me a ridiculous amount of joy just because they exist.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Trashy TV – specifically Hart of Dixie, Four Weddings and Come Dine with Me. Especially CDwM, I could watch it until my eyes fall out
  2. Lipstick, lipgloss, lipbalm, anything colourful that I can put on my mouth. That may or may not include those sweets that you used to be able to get. Ok, it definitely includes them
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Nail varnish. Dark & sparkly or light & matte, I don’t care
  5. Books, actual physical books are my favourite, but my e-reader comes a close second. I have 74 books on my e-reader, I would NEVER be able to carry 74 paperbacks in my bag
  6. Cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, lizards & funny pictures of animals on the internet
  7. Texts from Dog
  8. Brie, crackers & quince paste
  9. Roller derby, especially the way it has all of a sudden become a part of my life that I LOVE
  10. My brand new roller skates with the cherry laces, even though I can hardly stand up in them let alone skate
  11. Candles that smell like jasmine
  12. The fact that The Vagenda exists. Also, feminism
  13. Teapots
  14. Snowflake stickers, snowflake socks, snowflake jewellery, snowflake snowflake snowflake
  15. Tattoos
  16. Honey that tastes like beer. I like to imagine all the bees gorging themselves on hops then flying around drunk, hoping that they’ll make it home to the right hive. Drunk bees, ha!
  17. Writing, even if no one reads what I write
  18. The word ‘blimey’
  19. Winter in Perth. Yes, feel free to remind me of that when I’m complaining that it has rained for FOUR DAYS IN A ROW and it is SO BLOODY COLD
  20. Flight confirmations
  21. London & the amazing gore-filled things that it contains

Blimey, I am now in a MUCH better mood. You should try this, it’s very fun.


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