Am Writing

At the beginning of this year, I was made redundant, it took me ages to find a new job which pretty much killed my self confidence; I started blogging more, as a way of making sense of what was happening, I also started to spend a lot of time on twitter, I just happened to... Continue Reading →

The Resourcefulness of Twitter

I love Twitter. Today I love Twitter an extra special amount, because I've been looking for a writing group to join and the small voice in the back of my mind that sometimes has excellent ideas and sometimes has terrible ideas said 'why don't you just start your own if you can't find one that... Continue Reading →

The Neglected Blog

Hello, hello? I wonder if any of you have seen my writer? She's about so tall, has brown hair (sometimes it has red bits, blond bits, other bits) that is almost always curly & always messy, she writes things, but seems to have forgotten to write me. Rumour has it, there's been things happening in... Continue Reading →

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