The Neglected Blog

Hello, hello?

I wonder if any of you have seen my writer? She’s about so tall, has brown hair (sometimes it has red bits, blond bits, other bits) that is almost always curly & always messy, she writes things, but seems to have forgotten to write me.

Rumour has it, there’s been things happening in the lipstickhoney mind space and desk space, there was a short story that was written, and then put into a book and then published (my writer spent quite a lot of her time googling her name + Amazon + gothic) there’s some weird bar crawl thingy that happened, no doubt a hap-hazard plan that happened after some gin. Or whiskey. Maybe both.

Derby? Is that a thing? I heard that there have been some skating incidents & a couple of falls, nothing serious though and certainly nothing that effected hands or fingers. What else do you need to type?

Now, the thing that troubles me the most is the book. Apparently she has it in her mind that she is writing a book, doing proper writing classes and things and writing fiction! Pfft, fiction of all things. What’s wrong with just having a nice little blog and writing about your day? But no, a book. With many many words and characters and scenes and chapters and I am exhausted just thinking about it.

So, if you see her, tell her I said hello, tell her I am neglected and I want a share of her words, she can’t keep them all to herself anymore.

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