The Resourcefulness of Twitter

I love Twitter.

Today I love Twitter an extra special amount, because I’ve been looking for a writing group to join and the small voice in the back of my mind that sometimes has excellent ideas and sometimes has terrible ideas said

‘why don’t you just start your own if you can’t find one that suits you?’

So I did. I included Writer’s Bloc and Tweet Perth and a few hashtags, then it got retweeted by the lovely Foodie Cravings and then retweeted some more and before I knew what had happened I had a few people say that they also wanted to join a writers group and what a good idea it was that we start one in Perth.

An email to a particularly gorgeous cafe means that I now have some writers and a location and I think I may just have started my own writer’s group.  I also don’t know if it should be writer’s group or writers group, so if you could let me know, that would be most helpful.

If you are also interested in joining a writer’s (writers?) group, comment below so you can come & write with us (there will probably also be cake. Actually, there will definitely be cake.)

4 thoughts on “The Resourcefulness of Twitter

Add yours

  1. There is nothing better for your writing than being in a writers’ group. Hope it works out for you. If you think the group belongs to the people that are in it, then you can use the apostrophe. If you think of it as group for writers then you don’t need it. I think.

  2. But it’s both, isn’t it? It belongs to the writers that are in it as well as being a group for writers? It’s a very confusing thing anyway, tricksy grammar.

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