Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013

Ooh, I love a challenge…

Especially when that challenge started in January and lasts until 31st December and here I am on the 10th December signing up.

Hell yes I’ll read 10 books by Aussie Ladies and review 6 of them in 20 days! Pfft, why don’t you set me a REAL challenge?!

I could go on like this for hours, or I could just tell you which books I’ve read and write the reviews and make you think that I have super mad reading skillz (yes, in this context, ‘skillz’ must always be spelled this way), when really, this year I’ve already read 8 books by lovely Australian writer chicks totally independently to this challenge. I had my own, ‘let’s read loads of books by writers who live in WA’ type mission this year, which really started completely by accident and then just snowballed.

The second part of the challenge is writing reviews – I am AWFUL at writing reviews. I tend just to say ‘oh my god I loved this book’ whilst clutching it to my chest and sobbing; but I would like to be better. I think that if I can identify what makes me love books, then analyse this and put it into words, it will make me a much better writer.

So here I go, wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013

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  1. Nice one! Good luck. I am rubbish at writing reviews too but it’s still good to be part of the conversation in some way, shape or form.

  2. Thank you! I’ve read reviews you’ve written and you are clearly not rubbish at them at all, I think you write reviews very well.

  3. Well, thank you – I just find myself saying the same things over and over – insightful, compelling, perceptive etc. It’s hard to say something new about a book.

  4. Those are all excellent words, I will probably not use words like that and will instead end up saying how much I liked it/ loved it/ cried etc

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