Tag, you’re it – Writing Process Blog Hop

I’ve been tagged in a blog hop by Emma Chapman, the very clever writer-lady of How to Be a Good Wife, where writers explore their writing process. You can read all about Emma, as well as get some brilliant writing tips and her Monday Motivation from her blog.

As a fledgling writer I am thrilled to be included in this. Actually, that should be THRILLED! caps lock, italic, exclamation mark type of thrilled.

1. What am I working on?  

I’m currently working on my first novel, a story which follows a man from his childhood during the second world war throughout his life, when inevitably he grows old, and his memories start to fade and become less reliable. The story is told from different points of view, who of course have differing points of view. 

I’m also working on some short fiction, as well as reviewing the books that I read. I hope that by analyzing what I do and don’t like as a reader, I can use this to be a better writer. Of course, when I read books I almost always forget the analyzing part. 

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I read somewhere once that there are only seven plots in the world, and that every single story is a adaptation of one of these seven plots. I have no idea if this is true (this might be something that I imagined, I tend to make things up in my head then pass them off as absolute fact)  but if it is then my story doesn’t differ at all, ha! I would like to think that my work has a distinctive voice, that the way that I tell the story is unique to me. This would make an awful pitch, wouldn’t it?! I’m never going to sell my book with a pitch like this! Ask me this question again in a year when I have a clue what I’m doing. 

3. Why do I write what I do?

Honestly, I don’t know. Mostly I think I write because I’m nosy and I like to know everything and, when I can’t know everything, I invent the bits that puzzle me. The story that I’m writing started as a way of me exploring something that I’m fascinated by, something that I had no knowledge of before hand that I needed answers to. They say that your first novel is always semi-autobiographical, which is true for this in a sense I think, expect that I’m not part of the story at all, does that make sense? Probably not. Parts of the story have been inspired by my Dad’s life, but the people in the story aren’t based on real people, they might have been when I started but now they’re almost fully formed people in their own right. 

4. What is my writing process?

Haphazard in a word! I spend quite a long time thinking about things, not necessarily planning, but just thinking about how my characters behave and whether or not it feels right. I’ve stalled my writing (on this particular project) a bit because there is something in the story that isn’t sitting quite right so I need to think on it for a moment. I have a timeline of events on post-it notes in my note book, so I can move them around if I need a visual prompt. My process is totally different depending on what I’m writing, because my novel feels quite big, by that I mean in subject matter rather than size, I am going about it slowly, in that I am spending a long time thinking about things, then I write a lot of words over a short amount of time before I need to think about it all again. When I write short stories or flash fiction I do the opposite. I write and I write and I write. Then I stop writing for a day or two and re-write. It’s more of a burst of energy with shorter works, maybe it’s a reflection on how I feel as a reader when I read shorts as opposed to novels. 

I have tagged Phill English, a writer from Perth who I first discovered through Writers Bloc and their Writers’ Other Jobs series. Phill is a Scientist and a Writer of short stories and flash fiction. You can read more about him here and follow him on twitter here.

Next I have nominated Katy Evans, who blogs about the things that she worries about, you can read her ramblings here and follow her on twitter here.

And lastly; Esther Harris. Esther doesn’t have a blog, so she will be hijacking mine for purpose of this. Esther is one of the first people I ever met who was writing a novel, which I was incredibly jealous of at the time because my writing was still full of teenaged angst and was quite frankly, terrible. You can  follow her on twitter here.

From here it’s over to you: if you want to be part of this series, get in touch with me or any of the writers I have tagged.



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  1. I really enjoy reading these writing process posts – they’re all so different. I think you’re absolutely right about how analysing why books do or don’t click for you, you learn something about writing. It’s easy to say you don’t like something. But to understand why is the next step. To think how you might have approached it differently the one after that. Good luck with the book.

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