Blog Hop – Esther Harris, Guest Post

As part of the blog hop I’ve taken part in, I nominated Esther Harris; Esther doesn’t have a blog (which is silly because she’s very funny) so she’s borrowing mine.
Here she is:

My background

I’m a 37 year old writer/editor and I edited my first book this year: Avril Millar’s “The Kama Sutra of Work: Why work is the new sex and how to make sure you are getting enough” On Amazon url: A former features writer (The Guardian, The Mirror), I also have a Masters degree in Creative and Critical Writing.  I need to scratch an itch when it comes to writing a coming of age story for children.  I then plan to move on to screwed up families 🙂

 1. What am I working on?

I’ve been wrestling with a coming of age story for girls 9-12 for years now.  Its about a girl who is looking for her dad and dealing with teenage angst – but Im now trying to update it so its now fitting for the Whatsapp generation.  I’m also kicking around a short film scripts that I plan to enter into competitions, these include the story of a broken man to whom life has been unkind and vice versa, and a powerful woman exec pulling the strings in Hollywood.

 2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Style wise, I’d like to be bolder, braver, more fresh and down to earth than anything on the market  – a bit less twee and formulaic than some books about kids growing up.

 3. Why do I write what I do?

Childhood is a strange time – it informs most things you know and what you become, yet at the same time much of it is petty, forgettable, cringeworthy, awful.  Theres a lot of humour and drama in the contrast.  Why do I write at all?  Its how I figure out life.  Plus I think Im just a born drama queen who sees the potential story in every situation/person.

 4. What is my writing process?

Tons of reading, people watching, ear wigging, noticing, pretending, day dreaming and scribbling on the backs of envelopes… Sit at the laptop and bust open a vein or two…and it all comes out 🙂


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