No 8 tram

The man puts his hand out, to help me off the tram. He is old, the man. Perhaps in his mid-seventies. He has been to the ballet, with his wife. I know because they have been talking about it, regaling the beauty. He makes me think of my father; who would always put his hand... Continue Reading →


It's early morning, my back aches from the hard airplane seat that I spent three hours and forty minutes sleeping in. It's early morning and the sun is just rising, the sky filled with red and orange. Gold. I think that it's the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen because I'm full of adventures... Continue Reading →

To do: Write Better Lists

1. Be better; be better organised. Be a better with money. Spend less money on books and more money on food. Eat better, eat vegetables everyday rather than trying to fill a week's worth into one meal. Be better at exercising. Better at going to the doctor and dentist. Get my car serviced occasionally, and... Continue Reading →

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