To do: Write Better Lists

1. Be better; be better organised. Be a better with money. Spend less money on books and more money on food. Eat better, eat vegetables everyday rather than trying to fill a week’s worth into one meal. Be better at exercising. Better at going to the doctor and dentist. Get my car serviced occasionally, and not just because I left it for 2 years and am scared it might break.
2. Read more. Read more books that you wish you had written. Read more books by people whose names I can’t pronounce. Read more books by great authors. Read books by authors who have only just published their debut novel. Read journals and blogs and things by people like me who have hardly published anything.
Read less poems about love. Poems that make my heart ache and feel full and like nothing less that perfect is a good enough, making me think that love is brash and noisy rather than gentle and quiet. Actually, maybe read the same amount of poems about love. The world needs more perfect.
3. Write more; Write to people that I love telling them that I love them. Write this properly, on pieces of card with a fountain pen and beautiful ink. Post it, with a stamp and don’t let it get blackened and crumpled in the bottom of my handbag.
Write more stories; Write them honestly with passion and feeling. Let people read them. Hope that they feel something. If not, write it better.
Write better lists; concise, with actionable bullet points. Not something that ambles around like the trails of thoughts in my crowded-brain.

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