Melbourne: an irrelevant list

Some things about Melbourne that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else; I’m not sure if it’s a story broken into parts, or each part is it’s own story. 

1. I went to a place called Breadtop and bought a double sausage in a bun for $2.60, it was delicious. The bun was brioche. 

2. There are more homeless people here than I was prepared for. I tried to buy the Big Issue and give money to as many people that I could, but ultimately I know that I’m only one person and I can only do so much. This made me sadder than I can say and I feel incredibly guilty that I can’t do more.

3. I nearly missed my stop numerous times because I kept disappearing into my own head. It was a nice feeling. 

4. I overheard a man telling his friend about a woman who was hit by a tram. I was thinking about this (who gets hit by a tram? What?) when I nearly stepped out onto the road and got hit by a car. 

5. It was warm enough to take my jacket off. Twice. 

6. I went to the State Library of Victoria because I wanted to write a story while I was there. I got too distracted and overwhelmed and couldn’t write anything. I’m going back to try again.

7. I have thought about packing my car with the things that I love and moving across the country. The idea of leaving the safety and friendship of the triangle terrifies and thrills me. I have had this thought approximately 20 times in the 6 days. 

8. I revisited several places that I loved when I was here last (7 or maybe even 8 years ago) these were: a) Wunderkammer where I looked at taxidermy and chose my raven. b) The Toff in Town where I wrote part of a story while seated in an old railway carriage and drinking red wine. c) the State Library, obviously. 

9. I drank two terrible cups of coffee.

10. I eavesdropped on countless conversations and watched countless people having conversations. I looked people in the eye when they spoke to me. I smiled at strangers. 

11. There were two occasions when I felt lonely. Both of these times were during the writers festival because my brain was so full of the things I had just heard. 

12. Somehow I managed to restrain myself from buying books. Although, I did buy two collections of short stories (yes – technically books), a literary journal and two (different) copies of the Big Issue.

13. I saw the prettiest public toilet I have ever seen. It corridor was painted real and the walls were tiny pink and blue tiles. 

14. I went back to the library. I was still unable to write the story. 

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  1. I love the way you write Mel! It makes me want to go and do all those things too 😀😉

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