Perth Writers Festival 2016

Or, to use it’s official title: The weekend I tried to make Susan Midalia my Australian Auntie, Fell in Love Four Times and Out of Love Once, and Cried Five Times. I don’t really know how to write this review. There were so many things that stood out to me about this weekend. A lot... Continue Reading →

My Truest Love

I wrote this about how I feel being in, and leaving, London: All around me are the sounds of the city, people getting ready to go out, to celebrate, commiserate.  Car horns blasting, interchanging with shouts and the occasional laughter. The city coming alive. The sound of my own feet, boot hitting pavement, echoes in... Continue Reading →

A decade

I stepped off the plane; eyes streaming with the brightness of the light and my head was full of hope, possibility, a fresh start. The sky was so blue, and everything looked clean and shiny and new. I was, ten years ago, the most excited I have ever been in my life. I was also the... Continue Reading →

Avon Valley Writers Festival

Originally published by The Writers Bloc: Avon Valley Writers Festival is in its third year, hosted over two days, the first in the town of Toodyay, the second in Northam. Brandishing a line up of local authors, including Amanda Curtin, Sami Shah and Susan Midalia it was a opportunity too good to miss. A road... Continue Reading →

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