twentyone 01 seventeen

we come together and stand shoulder to shoulder side by side we use our words to give voices to those they try to silence we stand proud and strong knowing this power comes from peace not from division we march so they can see how we will fight for unity for solidarity for equality and... Continue Reading →

A comprehensive list of all the things I worry about when I think of moving to a new town

When I am very homesick, I like to think about all the things that worry me about moving to a new town. Here is that list: How will I know what coffee shops are the 'good' coffee shops where I can sit and watch people and write things while only buying one coffee? Where will... Continue Reading →

What have I to write about

The words sneered a comment thrown careless to the wind your world so different to mine of air conditioned offices comfortable chairs endless emails yours is boiling point red dirt and cracked heels remote stations and precious maleness you think mine is pampered I think yours is toxic what have I to write about? If... Continue Reading →

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