When Adele gets sad does she listen to her own songs?

when she’s rolling in the deep cold shoulder when first love grows tired when hometown glory fades to a million years ago when sweetest devotion chases pavements when the one and only doesn’t remember and a love song feels like a million years ago Does she set fire to the rain? Accept that it’s water... Continue Reading →

A Valentine’s Day Thread

It's Valentine's Day and I have spent most of the day sending ridiculous pictures and messages to the people I love. The more unsettling or disgusting or overly sentimental the better. It is my favourite thing to do on Valentine's Day, to send these messages to the people I love to make them laugh. I read... Continue Reading →

It’s Complicated

This morning I was reminded (thanks Facebook Memories) about a post I wrote this time last year, today being the anniversary of when I moved to Perth. In the post I recounted the more significant times in my life: the break-ups, the relocation's, the overwhelming nervous excitement that comes from rebuilding a life again and again. The homesickness.... Continue Reading →

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