A comprehensive list of all the things I worry about when I think of moving to a new town

When I am very homesick, I like to think about all the things that worry me about moving to a new town. Here is that list: How will I know what coffee shops are the 'good' coffee shops where I can sit and watch people and write things while only buying one coffee? Where will... Continue Reading →

Salty Air

Whenever I have something to work through A trial or a sadness When someone close becomes a stranger I find myself at the beach I sit there until my face gets salty And I think about The colour of the ocean How the waves barrel And dance together Racing towards the shore If I’m lucky... Continue Reading →

Smiling at Strangers

Sometimes, when the world around you is angry and full of hate, turn off the internet and step out.   Maybe you'll see a man you recognise as a poet having a yarn with some homeless blokes, a woman walking three dalmations, people practicing tai chi in the park.   Buy some dinner, something with cheese... Continue Reading →


The trees hummed with the sound of summer, insects clicking and magpies warbling overhead. It was too hot for so late in the year, and as they walked their boots crunched the dead leaves at their feet, their soles imprinted behind them. ‘Gonna storm,’ Jeb said. She looked up at the sky, the sun burning... Continue Reading →

Holding us

There is a thin strand that Holds us together  A membrane so slight it can't be seen Or felt. Like a spider's silk It wraps around us Weaving between us Strung between lungs Holding us in place. Until it snaps - and we begin to crumble.

On Grief

I carry my grief as if it is a balloon tied to my wrist. Sometimes it is full of stones, and I have to scoop it up, hugging it close where it sits heavy on my chest. Sometimes the balloon is full of air; light. It trails along behind me so I almost forget it's... Continue Reading →


I lived once in a tiny flat at the top of a hill. It had a big window in the living room, with a sill big enough to sit on if you wanted. I put pictures on it. Pictures of my family and a boomerang that my friends had signed when I left Australia. The... Continue Reading →

Avon Valley Writers Festival

Originally published by The Writers Bloc: http://thewritersbloc.net/literary-cities-avon-valley-writers-festival Avon Valley Writers Festival is in its third year, hosted over two days, the first in the town of Toodyay, the second in Northam. Brandishing a line up of local authors, including Amanda Curtin, Sami Shah and Susan Midalia it was a opportunity too good to miss. A road... Continue Reading →

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