It’s Complicated

This morning I was reminded (thanks Facebook Memories) about a post I wrote this time last year, today being the anniversary of when I moved to Perth. In the post I recounted the more significant times in my life: the break-ups, the relocation's, the overwhelming nervous excitement that comes from rebuilding a life again and again. The homesickness.... Continue Reading →

twentyone 01 seventeen

we come together and stand shoulder to shoulder side by side we use our words to give voices to those they try to silence we stand proud and strong knowing this power comes from peace not from division we march so they can see how we will fight for unity for solidarity for equality and... Continue Reading →

What have I to write about

The words sneered a comment thrown careless to the wind your world so different to mine of air conditioned offices comfortable chairs endless emails yours is boiling point red dirt and cracked heels remote stations and precious maleness you think mine is pampered I think yours is toxic what have I to write about? If... Continue Reading →

Salty Air

Whenever I have something to work through A trial or a sadness When someone close becomes a stranger I find myself at the beach I sit there until my face gets salty And I think about The colour of the ocean How the waves barrel And dance together Racing towards the shore If I’m lucky... Continue Reading →

Smiling at Strangers

Sometimes, when the world around you is angry and full of hate, turn off the internet and step out.   Maybe you'll see a man you recognise as a poet having a yarn with some homeless blokes, a woman walking three dalmations, people practicing tai chi in the park.   Buy some dinner, something with cheese... Continue Reading →


The trees hummed with the sound of summer, insects clicking and magpies warbling overhead. It was too hot for so late in the year, and as they walked their boots crunched the dead leaves at their feet, their soles imprinted behind them. ‘Gonna storm,’ Jeb said. She looked up at the sky, the sun burning... Continue Reading →

I fell in love today…

I fell in love today... ... it was as I was leaving uni. My lecture finished early and I wanted to walk on the grass and look at the river. There was a storm coming, I could feel the air prickly with the promise of it. As I turned to check the road I saw... Continue Reading →

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