I know it feels as though the moon has dropped out of the sky and the ground you trusted to stay solid has thrown you to the dark and what can only be described as the chaos of a burning wasps nest but it is impossible to believe that you are not made of silver... Continue Reading →

Perth Writers Festival 2016

Or, to use it’s official title: The weekend I tried to make Susan Midalia my Australian Auntie, Fell in Love Four Times and Out of Love Once, and Cried Five Times. I don’t really know how to write this review. There were so many things that stood out to me about this weekend. A lot... Continue Reading →

Blog Hop – Esther Harris, Guest Post

As part of the blog hop I've taken part in, I nominated Esther Harris; Esther doesn't have a blog (which is silly because she's very funny) so she's borrowing mine. Here she is: My background I'm a 37 year old writer/editor and I edited my first book this year: Avril Millar's "The Kama Sutra of... Continue Reading →

Am Writing

At the beginning of this year, I was made redundant, it took me ages to find a new job which pretty much killed my self confidence; I started blogging more, as a way of making sense of what was happening, I also started to spend a lot of time on twitter, I just happened to... Continue Reading →

Coffee Date with Emma Chapman

I recently went along to a local meeting of the Girly Book Club as hosted by the author Emma Chapman. Emma's book 'How to be a Good Wife' was released in the UK and Australia at the beginning of the year and my very clever e-reader suggested it might be something I would like to... Continue Reading →

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